Meet your VBL International Series Americas and Asia Continental Finals Champions!

3 min readJun 29, 2020


This weekend was not only the conclusion of the Bundesliga 2020 season (congratulations to Bayern Munich!) but the conclusion of the VBL (Virtual Bundesliga) International Series 2020 season on Battlefy as well. The 2020 season started back in early-March with the Americas Continental Qualifiers. The Americas qualifiers consisted of four regions:

Region 1: United States, Canada

Region 2: Mexico

Region 3: Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina

Region 4: Brazil

KakiFIFA10 from Region 1, RAPIDBUNNY from Region 2, Sebas Ortiz from Region 3, and mhenrique_R10 from Region 4 made up our Americas Continental Final finalists. Though the VBL International Series took a break mid-season similar to the real Bundesliga, the competition resumed a few months later on the virtual EA SPORTS FIFA 2020 pitch late-June with the Asia Continental Qualifiers:

Region 1: Japan, Korea

Region 2: Thailand, Malaysia

Region 3: India, Brunei, East Timor

Region 4: Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore

aladdin13 from Region 1, Comrade_RaZ from Region 2, Mantra from Region 3, and Kenix from Region 4 rounded out our group of finalists.

Finalists in both the Americas and Asia competed in an online-only double elimination bracket that was broadcast on Battlefy’s YouTube channel on Saturday, June 27th starting at 4:00 PM PDT. Finalists in the Americas Continental Finals are not new to the EA SPORTS FIFA scene, with many finalists participants of the FIFA20 Global Series (FGS). After about three and a half hours of intense game play, mhenrique_R10 comes out on top against RAPIDBUNNY in a 5–3 win in the Americas Grand Final and is our Americas Continental Finals Champion!

Shortly after the Americas Grand Final concluded, the Asia Continental Finals finalists took to the pitch. The Asia finalists did not disappoint and brought the heat, keeping the audience and casters on their toes. After almost four hours of straight action, Mantra beat out Kenix 7–5 in the final round of the Asia Grand Finals after crawling his way out of the losers bracket after initially losing to Kenix in round 2 and is our Asia Continental Finals Champion!

Congratulations again to our Americas Continental Finals Champion mhenrique_R10 and our Asia Continental Finals Champion Mantra!

You can relive the VBL International Series 2020 Finals all over again on Battlefy’s YouTube channel! We’ll see you come the 2021 season!

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